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Seated Mobility

An extremely proactive option for people with moderate to severe physical impairments

Seated exercise is becoming ever more popular amongst older populations. It is also a highly effective option for those who struggle to move without the aid of a chair and need to maintain their circulatory processes for health reasons. Exercises are gentle to moderate, according to the individual requirements and we spend most of the time sitting down. We can target specific areas of the body or adopt a more general mobility regime but either way, our focus is to improve health and wellbeing.  

Carers are more than welcome, in fact I like to encourage anyone to observe or join in as this helps raise the awareness of the importance of mobility exercises. 

The benefits of mobility exercise are endless and far reaching. Strength based exercises are beneficial to a person with a high risk of osteoporosis as the increase in load on the bones and joints help increase bone density. Additionally, strength based routines also increase muscle fibre density to not only improve muscle tone and strength for everyday movement but also to increase a person’s resting metabolic rate. This would benefit someone with high body fat or indeed, someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. An area which I have found specific strength based exercise to be beneficial, particularly in older people, is band exercises for the shoulder joint and rotator cuff. Many people, often the elderly, present with shoulder pain, which after a daily injection of rotator cuff exercises, disappears. 

In a chair we can continuously challenge the core muscles which are essential for stability purposes and also to aid posture, vital organ protection, respiratory function and maintenance of the pelvic floor.

Cardiovascular exercise such as walking, seated marching and arm swings is essential for the maintenance and function of the heart, lungs and vascular system. It improves the efficiency of the metabolic process, helps speed up recovery and delivery of nutrients around the body and strengthens the heart. Without movement, circulation is hindered and swelling occurs in the lower limbs, making it not only uncomfortable for the individual but also dangerous as blood pooling can occur. This is very common in older populations due to the natural physiological changes due to age and lifestyle.