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Functional Exercise after Stroke





Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury

Anyone who has had a stroke will understand the concept that not only is every injury different, but similarly, so is the person who has been injured. The brain is a highly complex organ providing us with unique personalities, physical and sensory abilities, motivational attributes and many more individual characteristics. Furthermore, the complexity of the brain structure means that any person can develop an injury to any part, resulting in an extremely individual set of symptoms post injury.

Therefore, it is imperative, during the rehabilitation phase, that the course of action is 100% geared around the individual....not the textbook! The textbook is merely a guide. At ARNI, we are trained to develop physical training programs to suit individual needs be that physically, psychologically and also socially. We take the physiotherapy process that one stage further and push the stroke survivors physical limits. You may have heard of neuro-plasticity? This is the brains ability to reassign functional duties to a different part of the brain which has not been affected. The only way we can trigger this process is by challenging it; forcing it to take the load.

This means that the individual must have a significant level of motivation and desire to overcome any disability brought about by Stroke or TIA.

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I'm not going to say it will be easy, but hey! You've survived one of the harshest shocks to the system the body can take...surely that's all you need to prove to yourself that your body and mind want to fight!