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"When we started, I hated all forms of exercise, but after 6months with Sian I now voluntarily go out running and swim twice a week! I lost 2 stone and my whole outlook on life has changed for the better" 
Jane Johnson, Age 55. 

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Read on to see what the team have to say about their time at Salad-Dodgers!

Summer 2012

I actually love salad, so dodging it wasn't my aim BUT getting fit and feeling better was...Sian kept me focused and every session was different and actually really good fun even though she takes no prisoners...giving up wasn't an option! I lost weight and  found confidence and a lasting resolve to stay fit!
Joining a gym just didn't appeal and as the holiday period approached I found I wasn't looking forward to trying on the shorts and baring all! I work hard and my treat to myself was Sian! I really thought I didn't overeat and ate healthily until Sian made me realise this just wasn't the case. I also thought exercise was boring and not for me but I found myself looking forward to the very varied programme of exercise in the house, garden and even running through the woods with her dog! Sian made me feel comfortable from the start and her firm but fun approach was just what I needed!

February 2012
I began training 23 years ago and exercise has been of great benefit to me in so many different ways, I even trained and spent time working as a gym instructor however over the last few years I began to lose my motivation for exercising and I was struggling to eat healthily on a consistent basis.  Due to this I struggled to maintain my weight, I stopped seeing any gains and was experiencing the symptoms of over-training. I couldn’t afford a personal trainer on a regular basis plus I work full time and have a family so I tend to be in the gym at 6am, I needed my workouts to be specific and effective. I also needed direction and a challenge!

I then found Sian and explained all my needs to her via the Salad Dodgers site J  I am now on my 3rd set of programmes and absolutely loving them.  I have lost a stone since using Sian’s plan alongside eating well also my motivation and energy levels have soared.  I feel like a different person plus I am now well on my way to my target weight and I have noticed a considerable change in my body shape. Sian has delivered exactly what I asked for and provided me with the challenge I needed.

My partner and I now use the programmes together.  I look forward to every single session that I do and can’t recommend using this service enough whatever your goals or fitness levels are as they are effective, understandable and  more than value for money!
Kelly Mctighe (Online Training)

Jun 11 - Aug 11
We were very impressed and extremely satisfied with Sian's level of care and knowledge. We feel she offered much more than any other physiotherapist or Occupational therapist we have seen.
Charles Wressell (Stroke Survivor)

Mar 11 - Aug 11
The Strokability Course has given me more confidence in that I now can stand and maintain my balance and walk a short distance with the aid of my stick , but it has also given me a goal to aim for i.e. to perhaps one day to be able to go a short distance unaided, a long term goal maybe but something that I can aim for now.
Alwyn Dennis (Stroke Survivor)

Mar 11 - Aug 11
Sian is very dedicated in helping others, gives encouragement and confidence.
Allan Bacon (Stroke Survivor)

Nov 07 - Feb 09
Sian has helped me with a personal training plan as well as teaching my teenage daughter the correct way to exercise and stay fit. We then employed her to take on the entire staff as a project and she trained all ages from 25 to 60 with great results from a twice weekly company session. I highly recommend Sian for both her friendly (yet persuasive) training methods and the results that she achieves you won't be disappointed!
Joanna Sheen (Personal Training) 

Feb 08 - Feb 09
My wife got me Sian as a birthday present…. Well an introductory session at least. Now here I am having completed my second marathon in a respectable time and enjoying being fit and healthy. I could not run 100m, until I became a Salad Dodger! however, with Sian's help and the right mixture of encouragement and chivvying along from her, here I am. Sian is very good at explaining not just the how but also the why of each session and understands the need for variety in a fitness regime, We ran, we boxed, we lifted weights, we rowed. Indoors and out come rain or shine. Weather is not an inhibitor. Al in all a very positive experience. I would happily recommend her to anyone who enjoys being coaxed along and has the ability to share a laugh or two along the way.
Peter Middleton (Personal Training)  

May 08 - Feb 09
"Sian is a superb personal trainer with extensive knowledge in her field. She helped me to get fit and loose weight after a long illness. Sian makes every session varied, has a great sense of fun and gets the most out of you without you realising how hard you are working. She knows when to crack the whip, when to ease off a bit and always finds great places to train outdoors - much more fun than a boring old gym. I'd thoroughly recommend training with Sian whatever your current fitness or goals. She's great!
Lesley Chapman (Personal Training)